Five New Year’s Resolutions For A More Sustainable Home

Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the world? Well, you’re in luck because in small ways we truly can! Caring about the environment starts with simple changes that are embedded into our everyday lives. Brock Builders is committed to supporting you with environmental sustainability tips for all of your Asheville home design needs.

You may have already implemented some of these changes in your home and other changes might not be possible right now. That’s okay. Just know that whatever sustainable resolutions you are able to tackle in 2023 will be making a huge difference in the environment and in the world.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is a smart move in more ways than one way. Smart thermostats increase your home’s energy efficiency, thereby saving precious environmental resources and putting money back into your wallet. It’s truly a win-win!

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

Another no-brainer resolution to make this year is to switch all of your lighting to LED light bulbs. That’s because LED lights use 90% less energy. Again, you can save the environment and your wallet with just a few simple steps.

Go Solar

Our next resolution idea isn’t a small one, but it’s a great option if it’s available to you. There are many different great solar options to consider and choose from. Aside from saving energy and being eco-friendly, some of the most significant benefits of going solar include:

  • Federal solar tax credit (30% of cost of system)
  • Property tax-emotions for solar
  • Solar sales tax exemptions
  • Rebates
  • Lower monthly bills
  • And more!

Update your Power Strips

Updating your power strips is another simple, cheap, and easy way to save on energy and expenses. There are certainly many budget friendly options to choose from on Amazon and home improvement stores.

Start a Compost

Finally, starting a compost is an easy – and virtually free – way to make your home more eco- friendly this year. Simply make an outside space where you can contain any leftover compostable food and save yourself some trash bags while you’re at it.

Cheers to an Eco-Friendly 2023!

Whatever eco-friendly changes you decide to make in your home and life this year are bound to make a difference for many generations to come. And if you’re thinking of building or renovating in 2023, make sure to consider Brock Builders for an environmentally sustainable design!

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