Spring Maintenance Checklist

We’ve finally reached a warmer season and with that comes a great opportunity to keep up with the health of your home. Unfortunately, colder seasons can have an intense impact on a house and it’s a good idea to take stock of your property as the weather warms up. Whether or not you’ve noticed wear and tear from the cold, take a look at this checklist and investigate your home for damage to keep it in good order and lasting long!

Start outside

A visual inventory is a good place to begin. How does your roof look? Are you seeing any missing or cracked shingles? Is it level or are any parts slumping? Grab a pair of binoculars to scan over the details and see what needs to be repaired.

While you’re at it, take a good look at the chimney. Are the joints in good order? Are you missing any stones or bricks? Do you see any discoloration?

Move on the exterior walls. Whatever type of siding you have on your house, make sure it all looks uniform and in working order. If you’ve got water staining anywhere, that’s a sign that your gutters and downspouts aren’t working properly and need attention.

Outdoor action steps

Now that you’ve gathered all this useful information about the exteriors, it’s time to take some action. Follow up on any problem spots you’ve noticed on the roof, chimney, and walls. Then, get to work cleaning out the gutters and downspouts. Doing this at the start of the season is a great way to get ahead of spring rains and avoid flooding and water damage.

Next, reseal or stain exterior woodwork. Any outdoor structure made of wood is bound to last much longer if you care for it each year. Your decks and fences and trellises will also shine with this action and you’re sure to enjoy your time outdoors more with these in good shape.

Not least on the list, take account of your home’s screens to make sure you’re keeping out the mosquitos and other bugs. If you took them out during the autumn or winter, replace your window screens and make sure that your screen door is fully intact. This is also a great moment to begin cleaning your windows and glass doors to give them a refreshed look and let in all the light.

Moving indoors

Now it’s time to take a look inside the house from the top to the bottom. Starting with the attic, search for signs of insects or animals to make sure none have made this their home for the colder months. It’s a good idea to look around for signs of mold here as well, which tends to worsen as the weather gets warmer.

Move down to the basement and continue the search for mold and water damage. What kind of ventilation do you use to keep your basement dry during the humid months? Now is the time to make sure that system is up and running and ready for summer.

General maintenance

Does your home have AC? Make sure it’s in good working order and ready for the warmer months! Calling in a pro in April is also bound to be easier than calling in the heat of August, when others will be vying for their time and attention.

It’s always a good idea to check your home thoroughly for insect damage. If you see signs of termites, you’ll want to call in an exterminator immediately to avoid bigger repair expenses down the road. If you’re making a point to check consistently, you’re much more likely to spot signs early and save yourself money in the long run.

At Brock Builders, we’re all about helping our customers enjoy quality, lasting homes. Whether you’re interested in keeping your house in good working order as we move into the warmer months or you’re looking to educate yourself on how to maintain a property as you gear up to build an Asheville custom home, we’re here to help. Keep tabs on our blog for more information about your home and feel free to reach out anytime!

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